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Standing Water and Basement Leaks

Ask Viox & Viox…

Q: I have an issue at my home with standing water in my backyard resulting in water leaking into my basement.  What can I do to fix this and prevent it from happening again?

A:  Many times, flooding problems can be prevented altogether by simply performing an inspection on the outside of your home.  First, check existing swales in the vicinity of your home to make sure they are free of any debris.  Next, clean leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts.  Check splash pads or downspout extensions.  Check for slope away from the foundation of your home (1” per foot is sufficient to get water away from the foundation). 

If your home is made of brick, check for obstructions to the weep holes.  Mulch can build up over time and cover the weep holes in the brick line which restricts the flow of water. 

Lastly, check for settling (pay close attention to areas under stairs, patios, and decks) and check for and raise any low spots around your foundation.  Follow these steps in order to stay “high and dry!”