about our surveying services

One of our core services is boundary surveys, where we meticulously define property lines and boundaries, providing essential information for property owners, developers, and legal purposes. These surveys are conducted with the latest GPS technology and robotic total stations (RTS), ensuring accuracy and reliability.

In addition to boundary surveys, we specialize in topographical surveys and corridor mapping. These surveys provide detailed information about the terrain, including elevation, contours, and features, crucial for site planning, engineering, and construction projects. Our expertise in this area is complemented by our use of cutting-edge data collection Lidar drones and software, ensuring thorough and accurate results.

Viox & Viox is also well-known for our ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, meeting the rigorous standards set by these organizations to provide comprehensive information about land titles and potential issues. This service is vital for real estate transactions, lending institutions, and legal purposes.

Construction staking is another key aspect of our surveying services, where we mark precise locations for construction projects, ensuring that structures are built according to plans and specifications. Our field crews, equipped with the latest technology, are adept at meeting tight deadlines and delivering accurate staking services.

Our portfolio of services extends to residential lot surveys, platting services, utility as-built/record drawings, sUAS/drone surveying, road and utility infrastructure surveys, and much more. We also offer expertise in easement exhibits and descriptions, FEMA elevation certificates, right-of-way surveys, mortgage location surveys, and green infrastructure surveys.

At Viox & Viox, we go beyond traditional surveying services, offering letter of map revision (LOMR) assistance, quantity/volume surveys, and expert witness testimony when needed. Our team of licensed professional surveyors in Ohio and Kentucky, combined with our advanced technology and commitment to quality, ensures that we deliver exceptional results for every project.


What our surveyors can do for you:

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