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Celebrating Dean Tanner’s 50th anniversary with Viox & Viox

Today, June 5, 2024, marks Dean Tanner’s 50th anniversary here at Viox & Viox! We celebrated Dean’s anniversary by having a picnic outside with cake, live music, games, and Red Robin’s burger bar! Dean has been a civil design technician here at Viox since 1974! He is very versatile with extensive experience in civil design and plan preparation including improvement plans, site plans, roadway plans, water main plans, and sanitary sewer plans. He is proficient in a variety of computer software used in design and plan preparation.

Known around the office as Dean-o, he holds the record for being moved to more desks than any other employee during his 50-year career. At our old office, he even worked in the attic with the squirrels for a time. Without much surprise, when asked about one of his favorite memories at Viox & Viox, Dean responded with, “Moving into the new office”!

Dean Tanner 50th anniversary celebration

Dean is a lifelong resident of Florence, Kentucky, and has been happily married to his wife, Sharon, for 36 years. In his leisure time, he finds joy in playing base guitar with the church band at Hopeful Lutheran Church.

When Dean was asked about his favorite part of working with Viox & Viox he said, “Working in a family friendly environment and working with all my co-workers”.

Dean, thank you for all that you do. You are a true asset to our team and we are so grateful for you. Your hard work and dedication are commendable!