Banklick Creek Wetland

Viox and Viox was the lead consultant for this American Recovery and Reinvestment Act project to construct two wetland treatment cells for improving water quality in the Banklick Creek watershed. Treatment was primarily focused on bacteria levels during low-level water conditions as a result of periodic combined sewage overflows. The design diverts water from the Banklick Creek and conveys water flow to an equalization basin. The diverted water then enters two treatment cells via flow spreading manifold pipes. The water undergoes natural treatment through a designed residence time. The treated water then outfalls into an outlet basin where it releases the water back into the Banklick Creek. Viox & Viox was the lead consultant on this project and was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the project design including data collection and base mapping; design of grading, control structures, plantings, fowl exclusion, sampling/observation platforms, and access drives; permitting through local, State and Federal agencies; assistance with ARRA funding requirements; bid assistance, including the preparation of construction drawings and specifications; and construction administration and inspection. The project design team included Limnotech, Hazen & Sawyer, and Thelen Associates.

(*Graphic plan by Human Nature)


Client:Sanitation District No.1
Location:Northern Kentucky
Market:Green Infrastructure
Size:20 Acres

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