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Viox & Viox has the expertise and passion for finding alternative design solutions to fulfill our client’s desires, including Green Solutions.

  • Banklick Creek Wetland

    Banklick Creek Wetland

    Viox and Viox was the lead consultant for this American Recovery and Reinvestment Act project to construct two wetland treatment cells for improving water quality in the…
  • Ft. Wright Regional Bioretention

    Ft. Wright Regional Bioretention

    Viox & Viox was the lead consultant for this American Recovery and Reinvestment Act project to construct a bioretention facility to reduce storm water runoff…
  • New Uri S-Turn

    New Uri S-Turn

    Viox & Viox completed a comprehensive storm water evaluation in the area of New Uri Avenue watershed. Our staff developed a comprehensive plan for improvements…
  • St. Johns Rain Garden

    St. Johns Rain Garden

    For this project Viox & Viox worked with St. John United Church of Christ and Sanitation District No. 1 to design a new parking lot…
  • Wetherington Blvd. Bioswales

    Wetherington Blvd. Bioswales

    Viox & Viox upgraded Wetherington Boulevard in 2008.  The road previously had no shoulder or curb, and cars were straying out of the driving lane. The…
  • World of Golf Stream Restoration

    World of Golf Stream Restoration

    Viox & Viox teamed with Northern Kentucky University‚Äôs Center for Applied Ecology for this project involving the restoration of a stream located on the golf…
  • Private Residence Rain Garden

    Private Residence Rain Garden

    Viox & Viox provided a landscape plan for an estate lot private residence that included a rain garden to reduce storm water runoff entering the…