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Viox & Viox landed a sweet gig when we were hired by HGC Construction to design a site plan for the renovation of Graeter’s flagship store in Cherry Grove, Ohio.  There were several challenges to designing this site which had originally been constructed in the early 1990s.  The first challenge was phasing the construction timeline of the project.  Graeter’s closed temporarily during phase 1 of construction to allow for the demolition of the existing store.  However, the new shop was opened and remained operational during the final stages of construction. 

Traffic ingress and egress into the newly designed parking lot and drive-thru area was a big concern.  Viox & Viox worked closely with ODOT to come up with the best solution to prevent cars from backing-up onto Beechmont Avenue.  In addition, our staff designed a screening wall to hide the drive-thru lane cars from customers who were dining inside the store.  Our design team also completed plans for a sidewalk and detention basin on site.  The grand opening of the re-imagined Cherry Grove Graeter’s was on June 5, 2019. The new scoop shop is one of their largest stores and the first in the Cincinnati region to include a children’s play area. 


Client:HGC Construction
Location:Anderson Township, OH
Size:3.5 acres