Niblack Park

Viox & Viox provided design services for the Niblack Park Stream Restoration Project for the City of Florence, KY. The result of this project is improved stormwater management within the Niblack Stream Watershed. The project included a reduction in total culvert length by removing the old and failing pipe and replacing it with a new shorter version. As a result, approximately 100 feet of stream was day-lighted and restored. The new design allows for more flood management volume on City park property, as opposed to adjacent private property, while also having some reduction in downstream flooding. The use of natural stone boulders creates a landscape feature accessible from the newly opened Niblack Senior Center. The project also included ¼ mile of a paved walking trail, new plantings, boulder seating, and the re-grading and seeding of a passive play lawn area between the stream improvements and the Niblack Senior Center.

 Viox & Viox created the park master plan in 2005.


Client:City of Florence
Location:Florence, KY
Year:2005 & 2013
Market:Parks & Recreation
Size:4 Acres