Glenn Rose Avenue and Locust Lane Reconstruction

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Design and plan generation for the reconstruction of two roadways located in the City of Florence, KY. Glenn Rose Avenue and Locust Lane were two of the last remaining gravel roadways within the City of Florence. The project included the design of new water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer mains, as well as construction bidding, specification generation, and assistance to the contractor building the roadways. The project required coordination with the City and homeowners.

The specific details of this project included 1,300 LF of 8” water main replacement and loop extension, 150 LF sanitary sewer extension, 500 LF storm sewer extension, and 1,000 LF street replacement.

The project was completed in 2021.


Client:City of Florence
Location:Florence, KY
Market:Roadway and Utility Design
Size:Approx. 2,000 LF of utilities and
1,000 LF of roadway