Horsebranch Creek Utility Crossing and Restoration

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Viox & Viox designed plans for three new water mains for the Northern Kentucky Water District which included a stream crossing and approximately 400 total vertical feet of hillside restoration.  The stream crossing for the new 36”, 24” & 16” water mains required complete reconstruction of both stream banks and the construction of a stream bed stabilization structure.  Large natural stone boulders were used to stabilize the stream bed in coordination with the construction of rock deflectors.  Custom stream bank restoration details were used to rebuild each stream bank and were based on hydraulic properties of the stream at those locations.  A series of water bars, erosion prevention blankets, biodegradable staking, and native seed mixes were utilized for the restoration. See image above for the before and after comparison.


Client:Northern Kentucky Water District
Location:Edgewood, KY
Market:Water Main, Stream and Hillside Restoration
Size:Approx. 3600 LF water main