We may be biased, but we think our team rocks.  Our team of professional civil engineers, surveyors, and landscape architects are super-stars in their field and can handle even the most complex of projects.

  • Jim Viox

    Jim Viox

    Principal & Pres. , PE, PLS

  • Bill Viox

    Bill Viox

    Principal & VP, PE, PLS

  • Justin Verst

    Justin Verst

    V.P. Quality Management / Sr. Design Engineer

  • Michelle Bollman

    Michelle Bollman

    Professional Civil Engineer, Vice President – Engineering

  • Michael Chandler

    Michael Chandler

    Professional Civil Engineer, Director of Ohio Engineering

  • Jon Girdler

    Jon Girdler

    Professional Civil Engineer, Traffic Engineering Specialist

  • Alex Russell

    Alex Russell

    Professional Civil Engineer

  • Erik Ball

    Erik Ball

    Professional Civil Engineer

  • Matt Wispe

    Matt Wispe

    Professional Civil Engineer

  • Aaron Duesing

    Aaron Duesing

    Civil Design Technician

  • Dean Tanner

    Dean Tanner

    Civil Design Technician

  • Mary Etingher

    Mary Etingher

    Civil Design Technician/Surveyor

  • Nassim Daher

    Nassim Daher

    Civil Design Technician

  • Adrian Yanes

    Adrian Yanes

    Design Engineer

  • Devin Ulrich

    Devin Ulrich

    Design Engineer

  • Janet Wilson

    Janet Wilson

    Civil Design Technician

  • Chris Sabetta

    Chris Sabetta

    Design Engineer

  • Jeremey Cordes

    Jeremey Cordes

    Civil Design Technician

  • Dominic Michels

    Dominic Michels

    Design Engineer

  • Greg Larison

    Greg Larison

    Professional Land Surveyor, Vice President of Surveying Operations

  • Ryan Hartig

    Ryan Hartig

    Professional Land Surveyor, Director of Ohio Surveying

  • Homer Owen IV

    Homer Owen IV

    Professional Land Surveyor

  • Jimmy Viox

    Jimmy Viox

    Field Technician

  • Rick Faulkner

    Rick Faulkner

    Field Technician

  • Nathan Burke

    Nathan Burke

    Land Surveyor Technician

  • Justin Schultz

    Justin Schultz

    Field Technician

  • Cameron Van Huss

    Cameron Van Huss

    Field Technician

  • Daniel Fennell

    Daniel Fennell

    Land Surveyor Technician

  • Colin Howard

    Colin Howard

    Land Surveyor Technician

  • Brock MacKay

    Brock MacKay

    VP – Landscape Architecture & Planning

  • Megan de Sola

    Megan de Sola

    Planner, Chief Executive Officer

  • Tanya Zengerling

    Tanya Zengerling

    Landscape Designer

  • Nate Adams

    Nate Adams

    Landscape Designer

  • Caroline Weltzer

    Caroline Weltzer

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Sandy McMillan

    Sandy McMillan

    Office Manager

  • Kim Michaelis

    Kim Michaelis

    Administrative Assistant

  • Georgia Craddock

    Georgia Craddock

    Marketing Coordinator