Author: Team Viox

  • Standing Water and Basement Leaks

    Standing Water and Basement Leaks

    Ask Viox & Viox… Q: I have an issue at my home with standing water in my backyard resulting in water leaking into my basement.  What can I do to fix this and prevent it from happening again? A:  Many times, flooding problems can be prevented altogether by simply performing an inspection on the outside…

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  • Unmarked Property Lines

    Unmarked Property Lines

    Ask Viox & Viox… Q:  I just purchased a home.  The property lines are not marked, and I am concerned that my neighbor’s fence may be on my property.  What should I do?  First, the new owner should ask the previous owner and neighbors if they have had any surveys performed recently.  If not, the…

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  • Do I Need an Elevation Certificate?

    Do I Need an Elevation Certificate?

    Ask Viox & Viox… Q:   I have been told I need an elevation certificate for my home. What does this mean and how can I obtain one? The elevation certificate can be an important part of determining the cost of flood insurance. However, many structures do not require an elevation certificate to be rated.  To…

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