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  • What is construction staking?

    Construction staking is an imperative phase during the building process as it connects design with actual construction. It is one of the initial processes in carrying out your plans accurately. Let’s dive into the realm of construction staking, exploring its definition, various types, the process, its pivotal importance, and discover how Viox & Viox can…

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  • Exploring Topographic Surveys and Corridor Mapping: Services Offered by Viox & Viox

    Topographic surveys and corridor mapping are critical components of land development, infrastructure planning, and engineering projects. Understanding what these surveys entail and their relationship is essential for property owners, developers, and engineers. Let’s delve into the details of topographic surveys, corridor mapping, and how Viox & Viox can provide these services in Ohio and Kentucky.…

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  • Understanding ALTA VS Boundary Surveys

    When it comes to property transactions and development projects, having accurate and comprehensive surveys are essential. Two common types of surveys that play a crucial role in real estate transactions are ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys and Boundary Surveys. Let’s explore what these surveys entail, their requirements, and the key differences between them, while also highlighting…

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  • Understanding Boundary Surveys: Exploring Ohio and Kentucky Differences            

    Boundary surveys play a crucial role in property ownership and development, ensuring that land boundaries are accurately defined and legally documented. Whether you’re in Ohio or Kentucky, understanding what a boundary survey entails and any regional differences is essential for property owners and developers alike. Let’s delve into the specifics and explore how Viox &…

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  • Standing Water and Basement Leaks

    Standing Water and Basement Leaks

    Ask Viox & Viox… Q: I have an issue at my home with standing water in my backyard resulting in water leaking into my basement.  What can I do to fix this and prevent it from happening again? A:  Many times, flooding problems can be prevented altogether by simply performing an inspection on the outside…

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  • Unmarked Property Lines

    Unmarked Property Lines

    Ask Viox & Viox… Q:  I just purchased a home.  The property lines are not marked, and I am concerned that my neighbor’s fence may be on my property.  What should I do?  First, the new owner should ask the previous owner and neighbors if they have had any surveys performed recently.  If not, the…

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  • Do I Need an Elevation Certificate?

    Do I Need an Elevation Certificate?

    Ask Viox & Viox… Q:   I have been told I need an elevation certificate for my home. What does this mean and how can I obtain one? The elevation certificate can be an important part of determining the cost of flood insurance. However, many structures do not require an elevation certificate to be rated.  To…

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